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Queen Brittany brought home two national titles from Miss Chinatown USA 2019 - Miss Community Service 2019 and Miss Congeniality 2019

Queen Brittany brought home two national titles from Miss Chinatown USA 2019 - Miss Community Service 2019 and Miss Congeniality 2019

Queen - Brittany Lau


My experience in Miss Chinese Chicago pageant was more than I could have imagined. This pageant not only focused on helping women showcase themselves and grow their confidence, it taught us how we could give back to our community and become young, Chinese American women leaders to bridge the gap between the new and old generation. Winning is not the ultimate accomplishment but tackling community challenges and making a difference is. As Miss Chinese Chicago, I am honored to represent the community that is closest to my heart. I  have seen the progression of the area and have grown a relationship with many of my peers and neighbors. With this title, I have a greater opportunity to continue expanding and improving this community through my innovative ideas and skill sets. 

As a lifelong resident of Chicago’s Chinatown who has volunteered in the community since I was young, I realized that many of our elderly individuals do not vote, because they do not know how to vote and that they believe that their vote does not matter. I really want to change this! I look forward to planning more events within the community where I, in addition to the new generation, can teach elderly individuals how to register to vote and teach them where they are able to vote. I believe with the help of my generation, we can make the elderly community in my hometown empowered and active citizens! 

Journey to Miss Asian Global 2019

2018 First Princess Jamie Moy


Oh boy. Where do I even begin. You never know how much room you have for self-growth until you meet people who strive to grow with you. After participating in Miss Chinese Chicago, I was able to openly admit to our pageant mom, aka Victoria Ng, that I struggled in public speaking and being true to myself on stage. Just rewatching old videos and reminiscing about where I started out and where I am now makes me excited for what is to come next.

On August 10, I will be representing Miss Chinese Chicago, Chicago, my students, and my Chinese heritage at Herbst Theater in San Francisco, California. I am elated to be representing everything and everyone who has molded me into the woman I am today. This journey was not easy, but it has made me into a better version of myself. With everything that I have learned and will continue learning, I will be sure to make my city and everyone around me proud.


Hello everyone! First I want to start by thanking everyone for supporting us throughout this entire journey. None of this would have been possible without the hard work and dedication Victoria and Ashish put into this as well as all the love from all of you. For this I’m truly thankful. After becoming Miss Chinese Chicago First Princess, I continue to help better serve my community through my work with children. As an educator, I want to give them as many opportunities to integrate both English and Chinese into their lives, so that they won’t ever feel ashamed and embarrassed of their rich heritage. In fact I want to continue encouraging my children to embrace what makes them unique, and in the future have them continue teaching the next generation how to be active and proud Chinese people. 

Being a part of the court has been life changing. I have always thought that I knew a lot about Chinatown, but Victoria has opened my eyes to the different events and relationships that continue strengthening our community. She has given us so many opportunities to give back to everyone. Although the pageant is over, Victoria continues to build us up in communication, leadership, and confidence. This isn’t just a one month event, rather this is definitely going to last a lifetime. I have made so many new friends and strengthened old ones because Victoria is dedicated to keeping us all together. 

In the future I look forward to working with Victoria, Ashish, the sponsors, and court in making this into an even bigger and better event. I want to be able to pass on the valuable lessons everyone has taught me especially about inner strength, to help other Chinese women better express themselves in our society. 

Also, milk tea and fruit tea is still my life. I will continue to try all of them and advertise the hidden gems of Chinatown. 

Hint hint: I’m currently working with Victoria on something big, something I never thought I would do. We are working on Miss Asia USA, so continue to look forward to all of our hard work. 


When I immigrated to America in 3rd grade, making friends was the biggest challenge I faced. Naively, I thought that in order to make friends, I had to fully assimilate myself into the white culture that surround me in order to be accepted. 

For the past eight years, I can’t tell you how much I struggled internally trying to balance the new American identity I took on with my Asian identity. I distanced myself from the Asian stereotype as much as possible by degrading my own race and pretending that I was everything I wasn’t. The worst part of this whole situation is that it worked. My peers liked me more because I was similar to them. The more I rejected my heritage, the more similar I felt to my friends. I didn’t realize that through this conformity, I lost bits and pieces of my former self— the real part of me I can never truly get back. 

It wasn’t until I moved to the city where I was forced to evaluate my values and reflect on who I truly wanted to be. In joining the Miss Chinese Chicago pageant, it not only helped me built my confidence up as a Chinese-American woman; it exposed me to other amazing, inspirational women that faced the same struggle growing up— and yet they still trudge on to accomplish big things as their true self. 

Thanks to the MCC pageant, I had endless opportunities to participate in debate panels about the Asian American experience, partake in cultural events, support the people and our local community— something that I never had the chance to do and look forward to continue doing. In doing so, never have I felt more connected to my roots and heritage as I had today. 

So I know now. 

My name is 郑婉慧. I also go by Honey Tey. I am your 2018 Miss Chinese Chicago Second Princess. I am Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, and American. But most of all, I am a proud Asian American woman. I’m still learning how to love this part of me, but I just hope that my nine year old self would be proud of the woman I choose to become too. 


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踏雪 / Winter Steps

In ancient China, if you were a women born into a wealthy family, you rarely ventured outside. You spent every single day inside with an elder or servant whose purpose was to tell you how to act, what to say, and even what to think. In this next dance, a young women finds a fleeting moment of freedom outside enjoying the snow. Please welcome Angela Tam in 踏雪

淮畔春语 / Springtime Along the Huai River

The Huai River is a major river in China which runs through northern Anhui province. This next dance, performed in Anhui folk style, is inspired by picturesque scenes along the Huai riverbank. Please welcome students from Yin He Dance in 淮畔春语.

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