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2018 Programme


  • Opening dance + introductions

  • Dragon dance by Chicago Dragons Athletic Association

  • QiPao + Q&A

  • Talent (in order of contestants 1-6)

  • Special Performance 1 by Yin He Dance

  • 10 min intermission

  • Fitness

  • Evening + Community Concern

  • Special Performance 2

  • Crowning

Special Performances

踏雪 / Winter Steps

In ancient China, if you were a women born into a wealthy family, you rarely ventured outside. You spent every single day inside with an elder or servant whose purpose was to tell you how to act, what to say, and even what to think. In this next dance, a young women finds a fleeting moment of freedom outside enjoying the snow. Please welcome Angela Tam in 踏雪

淮畔春语 / Springtime Along the Huai River

The Huai River is a major river in China which runs through northern Anhui province. This next dance, performed in Anhui folk style, is inspired by picturesque scenes along the Huai riverbank. Please welcome students from Yin He Dance in 淮畔春语.

Performances by Yin He Dance, in-kind sponsor. Learn more about them at


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