Xuechao Zhang


Photo credits: John Ng Photography http://bit.ly/johnngphotography-mcc2019

Evening gown: Jane X. Custom http://bit.ly/janexcustomdresses-mcc2019


“If there’s a will, there’s a way.” Moving to America junior year of high school was when my life journey truly started. As a first generation immigrant, every step has not been easy especially being the oldest child in the family. I managed to balance family, school and work with positive energy yet not forgetting where I came from.

Today, I want to challenge myself for a greater reason- giving back to the community where I deeply appreciate. Elie Saab said that elegant women are women of character with confidence. Thanks to the MCC pageant, this opportunity will open doors to not only me but also many other talented young Chinese American leaders to present ourselves, grow together, most importantly to highlight Chinese culture as well as the diversity of American culture.

IG: xczzz95