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Our contestants do not pay any fees to apply or participate. We hope to have an inclusive pageant that allows young women to showcase themselves without being burdened by costs. Therefore, sponsorship is solely what makes this pageant possible.

“Although the pageant is over, Victoria continues to build us up in communication, leadership, and confidence. This isn’t just a one month event, rather this is definitely going to last a lifetime.” - 2018 First Princess Jamie Moy

“Thanks to the MCC pageant, I had endless opportunities to participate in debate panels about the Asian American experience, partake in cultural events, support the people and our local community— something that I never had the chance to do and look forward to continue doing. In doing so, never have I felt more connected to my roots and heritage as I had today. ” - 2018 Second Princess Honey Tey

There are various benefits to sponsorship. They are as follows:

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