Journey to Miss Asian Global 2019

2018 First Princess Jamie Moy


Oh boy. Where do I even begin. You never know how much room you have for self-growth until you meet people who strive to grow with you. After participating in Miss Chinese Chicago, I was able to openly admit to our pageant mom, aka Victoria Ng, that I struggled in public speaking and being true to myself on stage. Just rewatching old videos and reminiscing about where I started out and where I am now makes me excited for what is to come next.

On August 10, I will be representing Miss Chinese Chicago, Chicago, my students, and my Chinese heritage at Herbst Theater in San Francisco, California. I am elated to be representing everything and everyone who has molded me into the woman I am today. This journey was not easy, but it has made me into a better version of myself. With everything that I have learned and will continue learning, I will be sure to make my city and everyone around me proud.


Hello everyone! First I want to start by thanking everyone for supporting us throughout this entire journey. None of this would have been possible without the hard work and dedication Victoria and Ashish put into this as well as all the love from all of you. For this I’m truly thankful. After becoming Miss Chinese Chicago First Princess, I continue to help better serve my community through my work with children. As an educator, I want to give them as many opportunities to integrate both English and Chinese into their lives, so that they won’t ever feel ashamed and embarrassed of their rich heritage. In fact I want to continue encouraging my children to embrace what makes them unique, and in the future have them continue teaching the next generation how to be active and proud Chinese people. 

Being a part of the court has been life changing. I have always thought that I knew a lot about Chinatown, but Victoria has opened my eyes to the different events and relationships that continue strengthening our community. She has given us so many opportunities to give back to everyone. Although the pageant is over, Victoria continues to build us up in communication, leadership, and confidence. This isn’t just a one month event, rather this is definitely going to last a lifetime. I have made so many new friends and strengthened old ones because Victoria is dedicated to keeping us all together. 

In the future I look forward to working with Victoria, Ashish, the sponsors, and court in making this into an even bigger and better event. I want to be able to pass on the valuable lessons everyone has taught me especially about inner strength, to help other Chinese women better express themselves in our society. 

Also, milk tea and fruit tea is still my life. I will continue to try all of them and advertise the hidden gems of Chinatown. 

Hint hint: I’m currently working with Victoria on something big, something I never thought I would do. We are working on Miss Asia USA, so continue to look forward to all of our hard work.