Regarding Harassment

To everyone in our community,

I regret to inform you that women of our Miss Chinese Chicago pageant were verbally and physically sexually harassed by a male attendee. He was present at a community event that the women were also attending. Throughout the night, he approached the women multiple times and said and did sexually inappropriate things despite them rebuffing him each time.

Some of the things he said include:

  1. “Only if you kiss me”

  2. “I want the pretty one”

  3. “I would love to ruin that innocence”

  4. “You should tell your friends about the club and then we can all go party together just wear a black dress, something that makes you look like a skank or a slut, and then you can get past security.”

  5. “Hey honey, I want a piece of that”

When he requested to have a photo with one of the women, he thrust his pelvis at her hipbone and puckered his lips to her cheek. She kept pushing him away, but he would only draw her in closer.

We of the Miss Chinese Chicago Pageant condemn this behavior and find it abhorrent, unacceptable, disrespectful, and completely against our goal of empowering women.

To all, we would like to make it clear that our pageant will not tolerate this behavior. We find it sad that we must make the following clear rather than it being inherently understood: We are not objects, we are not here for your sexual pleasure, we will not tolerate your harassment or assault, we will fight back. To those who think to disrespect us, know that we will not be silenced.


Victoria M. Ng

Founder and Director

Miss Chinese Chicago Pageant